What We’re Loving Wednesday

Let’s face it; the Internet can be a huge time suck. But sometimes it really provides us with a lot of insight, inspiration and laughter. Here’s what we’re loving this week around the web (and in real life, too):

urban nirvana hillary logo campaign generator

- Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign logo has everyone feeling a bit “meh.” But that didn’t stop someone from creating a generator that recreates your name with the now-infamous bright red arrow.

urban nirvana - what we're loving wednesday

- The cast of the Avengers played Family Feud and hilarity ensued. And we’re really loving Scarlett Johansson’s pixie.

what we're loving wednesday - orange is the new black trailer

- The official season 3 trailer for Orange is the New Black has finally arrived!

urban nirvana - what we're loving wednesday - khaleesi

- Game of Thrones is back, along with our favorite dark brow/blond locks combo on TV–Khaleesi.

urban nirvana spring fling trenholm plaza columbia sc

- Urban Nirvana’s Trenholm Plaza Salon location is throwing a Spring Fling and you’re invited. There will be specials and discounts throughout the day and a raffle for the MEGA BASKET of goodies. So stop on by between 10am-6pm! You can call 803-787-3000 for more details.

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4 New Products for Spring You’ll Love

4 New Products at Urban Nirvana You'll love

Urban Nirvana is proud to carry amazing skin, hair, home and wellness products that truly enhance the lives of our clients. We have added some new lines and products that we’re mad about for spring. Get the scoop on them below:

Supergoop Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil (available at all our day spa locations)

This sunscreen not only packs a punch of 50 SPF, but it is non-greasy and has superior antioxidant protection for your skin. It’s perfect for the hot summer months that are arriving soon!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.56.05 PM











Condition Culture’s Tassel headbands (available in all cities)

These bejeweled pieces add instant glam to any casual ensemble and we love them. They’re a perfect addition to your new ‘do!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.42.45 PM








Skinceuticals Tria Age-Defying Laser System (available only in Charleston)

It’s no secret that we absolutely love Skinceuticals, and this Tria laser is no exception. Even though it’s a little pricier than some of our other products listed, the results are amazing. It works safely below the surface of your skin to activate the skin’s healing process, giving you a more youthful complexion.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 5.27.13 PM










Blue Q Socks (available in all cities)

Do you have so much sass that even your socks should express it? Then this hilarious and cute sock line is for you.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 5.21.58 PM

Looking to grab one or all of these products for yourself or a friend? Find the nearest Urban Nirvana location to you!

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Foods with Anti-Aging Power

It’s no secret that foods can help produce a great complexion. After all, what you put in your body eventually shows. Aging is a process that is beautiful and should be embraced, but premature aging (especially in our sun-loving state of South Carolina) is a real bummer. Here’s a rundown of the delicious foods that are believed to pack a punch against Father Time (and they’re all easy to travel with and pop a few here and there):

Foods with Anti-Aging Power



Not only are blueberries delicious, but they’re packed with antioxidants, which help fight free radicals that cause premature aging and wrinkles.


If you’re put your hair through the proverbial ringer, and mistreated it with excessive heat or coloring, carrots can help restore its natural luster. They have a ton of Vitamin A, which will help improve your scalp, where your hair’s health begins.


Experiencing thinning hair? Beans are chock full of carbohydrates and can improve hair’s thickness and regrowth.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, which is a mineral known for helping skin cells regenerate faster, and also helps protect your skin against sun damage. Just a few a day will help you maintain a healthy complexion.


Don’t skip these babies in your salads! Cucumbers have the highest water content of any food and their skins also have silica, which can help boost collagen in your skin. They’re a perfect snack!

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5 Popular Hair Color Trends for Spring

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 1.44.45 PM

From fiery fierce to subtly sexy, here are some of our favorite color trends:


UN-Blog_REDRavishing in Red

Once upon a time red hair was unexpected and hard to come by. Thanks to gorgeous go-getters like Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, this fiery look is as cool as it gets. Plus it looks great on almost anyone.







Strong Streaks

Spice up dark hair and add dimension to your do with thick highlights throughout small sections. Try this trend with golden blonde, chestnut brown or red streaks.







UN-Blog_blondeThe Blonder the Better

Nix bright platinum; go for white-toned blonde hair this spring for an edgier look. The icy tone looks fabulous on hair of all shapes and lengths.








Move over ombre, highlights are heading towards a more natural vibe. The French word, which translates to tortoiseshell, is a golden highlighting technique that offers a multidimensional look and lots of shine.








UN-Blog_GREYSilver Strands

Remember when going gray was a bad thing? Clients of all ages are coming in and requesting gorgeous gray locks. Depending on your vision, silver can be natural and classy or edgy and fashion-forward.






Feeling inspired? Spring clean your look with one of our expert stylists. Book your appointment at Urban Nirvana Hair today!

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Salon Spotlight: How to Get Spring Break Waves

urban nirvana - get beach waves

Hotter temperatures mean beach season is close, and in South Carolina, we love our beaches. Don’t worry; this isn’t a post about getting your “beach body” back.  However, we do want to talk about how to get those easy, beach waves even if you’re not hitting the sand for a few more weeks (or months)!

1. Enhance your texture










This texturizing spray from Kerastase (Spray a Porter) is one of our favorite products and a best-seller. That’s because it can be used to tousle some beachy waves or to style second-day hair. And as any hair aficionado knows, it’s not wise to shampoo your hair every day (it strips of your hair of its natural oils). That means this spray can be your best friend if you’re trying to create a voluminous look the day after shampooing.

So how do you use it? Simply spray into your towel-dried hair and use fingers to create piecey waves or scrunch as you blowdry. No brushing necessary!

2. Work the iron

Heat styling tools can be your best friend when trying to get that beach wave look. For medium hair lengths, try using a 1.5″ or 2″ barrel curling iron to create a bend in the hair (instead of a full-on spiral curl), not curling the ends (so that they remain straight and stick out a bit). If you have longer hair, you can use the same size curling iron or a straightener to achieve the same effect. After curling all your hair away from your face, relax the wave by flipping your hair over and pulling your fingers through it a bit. If your hair holds curl very well, you can even brush it out. Then add your texturizing spray or hairspray, depending on the level of hold you prefer.

3. Embrace the body

Beach waves are about working with what you got. Don’t worry about making it perfect and don’t worry if you have some natural body (or the unfriendlier term, frizz). Just use your products that will help you smooth your style and remember that rocking the wave is all about confidence and your natural beauty.

Want a professional to show you how to get the style (and recommend the best products)? Book your appointment at Urban Nirvana Hair today!

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