Halloween Costume Hairstyles

Halloween is fast approaching. As hair and beauty experts, we love this holiday because it’s an opportunity to go way out of the box with your look! If you haven’t planned your costume yet, you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a list of some great costume ideas that center around fun (and easy) hairstyles!

Rockabilly Girl or Rosie the Riveter

This fun retro look is a great go to for a last minute costume, or for gals who want to play with a glamourous makeup look! All you need is a head scarf, and the make-up products listed below! To get the hairstyle right, all you have to do is pull the bangs/front section of your hair forward (pull a little more hair than just your bangs, for a more dramatic look). Pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and twist into a bun. Then, use a wide barreled curling iron to curl the front section into a single ringlet. Roll it up to the hairline, and secure with bobby pins. Tie the scarf around your head and you’re ready to go! Pair this hairstyle with black liquid eyeliner and a bright red lip.

Halloween hair 1










Halloween makeup 1











Hair photo from freckled fox blog. Get the full tutorial here.


This costume is so fun because it looks much more complicated to style than it actually is! To get this hairstyle, simply style your hair into a crown braid, or do a few braided sections and pin them up around your head (the messier it looks, the better!) Then grab a few small rubber snakes from a costume shop, or even the dollar store and weave them into your braided hair, securing with bobby pins. Top with hairspray and all you have to decide is whether to be a glamorous or scary version of medusa – and do your makeup accordingly!











halloween makeup 2









Hair photo from Joy of Fashion Blog. Get full tutorial here.


Mental patient or Zombie

If you’re wanting to go the creepy route, all you have to do is give yourself some spooky make up (pale face makeup, dark eye circles, and maybe a scar or too). What really makes a look like this stand out is a crazy hair-do. Teasing your hair into a big mess can be fun for the night, but you want to make sure it’s done properly or you’ll be coming out tangles for the next week! When teasing your hair, start by adding some hairspray or texturizing spray throughout to give it some extra grit. Start from the bottom and work your way up, that way you’ll build on the volume you’re creating. Work in sections and back comb hair only 2-3 inches from your scalp. If you start at the end of the strands, you’ll wind up creating a big mess that’s too scary even for Halloween. Once you’ve teased all over, coat with some more hairspray, and get ready to shock your friends!

halloween hair 3









halloween makeup 3










Hair photo from Brit Co blog.

What are you planning to dress as for Halloween? Ask us for tips and we’ll help you get the style just right!

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Fall Hair Color We Love

Fall is a time for color change! Everything from the leaves outside to your wardrobe gets a color make-over, so why not your hair? Take a look at some of our favorite shades of the season, then head to the Urban Nirvana salon and change up your look for the season!

Chocolate Cherry

This color puts a little edgy twist on the typical chocolate brown hair color. Adding deep red and purple-based hues to a dark brown gives it a rich color that looks beautiful and healthy, and the ultra shiny shade will glow in the sunlight!

chocolate cherry











chocolate cherry 2










Ash Blonde

This color has cooler tones than a honey or golden blonde. We love it because it looks very natural and it plays off the cool-based skin tones so well! If you choose to tune up the ash blonde color in your hair, you can even incorporate some low lights or let your darker roots peek through for a more multi-dimensional look.


ash blonde










ash blonde 2










Platinum Blonde

We loved seeing celebs like the some of the cast of Girls, Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet make the transformation to platinum at the end of the summer. This hair color can be dressed up for a very posh and styled look, or tousled for an edgy, city-swept look!  Check out this lovely up-do, done by one of our master stylists in Columbia!

Aug Hairstyle 2











platinum blone runway










platinum blonde tousled










Cinnamon Brown

We love this color because it is a great shade for people with naturally lighter or darker hair looking to make a change, without taking too much of a jump! Those with dark hair can play with a lightened up look with this perfect fall color. It goes great with our favorite fall make up and accessory color pallets (mustard yellows, oxblood, creams, blues, and mossy greens). This recolor was done at our Columbia salon this month, what do you think?

transformation forest drive location










cinnamon hair










Rose Gold

This strawberry blonde shade has a shimmery gold tint to it that we just love! This is a fun change for people with lighter hair that aren’t quite up for a complete transformation into a redhead. This shade looks great on our assistant, Nicole, pictured below!

rose gold 3










rose gold 2











assistant nicole after










Are you craving a color change for fall? Come visit us at the salon and we’ll work together to choose the perfect custom shade for you!

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5 Ways to Fight Split Ends

There’s no worse feeling than having dry, damaged hair.  Once your brittle hair starts to produce split ends, you know the problem is real. Despite what you may have heard, split ends are nearly impossible to repair without a good trim, but there are easy steps you can take to prevent them!


1. Wash Less

This can be hard for some people to train themselves to do. If you have particularly oily skin or hair, you may feel like unwashed hair is not an option. Invest in a high quality shampoo, and a few texturizing or dry shampoo products and you’ll feel confident letting your second-day hair shine!


2. Change your washing routine

If you pile on the shampoo and work up a rich lather that covers your hair from root to tip, you may want to consider backing down a bit. You only need about a quarter size dollop of shampoo and it only needs to be worked into your scalp. Over-shampooing will strip your hair of its natural oils and dry it out. When you rinse the shampoo off your scalp, it will cascade down the shaft of your hair, giving it all the cleaning it needs. Always be sure to condition your ends. If your hair tends to dry out easily, let your conditioner sit on the lower 1/3 of your hair for a few minutes while you take care of other shower time routines.


3. Dry with care

Don’t scrub and rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Your hair is extra sensitive when wet, so the added stress will do more harm than good. Instead, gently squeeze the excess moisture from your hair and let it air dry before using styling tools. If you like to wrap it up in a towel, make sure you do it nice and loosely.


4. Protect from heat

You should always use a leave in styling or conditioning product if you suffer from dry hair. Especially if you plan to use a heated styling tool like a blow dryer or straightener. Find an everyday product that you like, we recommend Moroccan Oil or a leave in keratin conditioner, and work it into damp ends every day. This will help to close the hair shaft and protect it from your blow-dryer.  If you like to use straightening or curling irons, invest in an additional heat protecting spray to add protection to hair once it’s been dried.


5. Regular trims

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, regular trims are the best and most efficient way to fight split ends. Keeping your hair healthy and strong happens both at home and at the salon! Damaged hair will not grow as quickly or as evenly as healthy, well-maintained hair. If you’re avoiding a cut because you want to grow your hair out, a little trim could be just what you need!

urban trim ends

Has the summer sun had a damaging effect on your hair? Make an appointment at the Urban Nirvana salon today, and we’ll help you come up with your ideal regimen for beautiful, healthy hair!

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Spa Spotlight – The Acne Facial

Today we’ll be spotlighting one of our spa treatments, the acne facial. This treatment is perfect for any client or any age who struggles with breakouts or unbalanced, problem skin. Getting regular facials is a great way to combat acne and improve your complexion. Our facialists are experts when it comes to tailoring your treatment to suit your skincare needs.facial blog


What will the acne facial treatment entail?


  • We’ll start off with a warm steam to open pores and soften skin, then we’ll apply a deep cleansing treatment to remove makeup, dirt, and oils.


  • Once your skin is clean and pores are open, we will gently exfoliate and deep clean with a dermatologic cleansing brush to scrub deep down into pores and loosen stubborn acne.


  • Our expertly trained estheticians will then perform any necessary extractions. They are professionally trained to safely remove blackheads and other blemishes with special tools that won’t cause scarring or further damage.


  • Then the esthetician will apply an exfoliating mask. The mask’s intensity will be customized to match your skin type and needs. You’ll feel a light tingle as the mask exfoliates away damaged surface skin and dead skin cells. While the mask sits on your face, you’ll enjoy a relaxing hand massage with skin-softening coconut oil.


  • After the exfoliating treatment, your esthetician will apply a skin clarifying serum and moisturizer to protect your newly purified skin!


  • You’ll walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed, and you’ll see improvements in your skin’s appearance right away!


beautiful skinOne of the best things about our acne facial is the fact that the results get even better after a few days pass! Keep your skin clean and moisturized, and you will see its appearance continue to improve for days after your appointment. Our skin cells regenerate, producing a new layer of skin every 28 days or so for those of us in our twenties, and every 30-40 days as we begin to age. Our acne facial provides deep treatment into your dermis, so as new skin emerges, you’ll see the benefits! Would you like to give the acne facial a try? Book an appointment today!

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Best Hairstyles for Fall 2014

We’re just about halfway through September, and fall is fast approaching! For many of us that means it’s time for a change. If you’ve been rocking the same summer hairstyle for the last few months, it may be time to switch it up! So make an appointment at the Urban Nirvana salon near you and change up your look for fall. Here are some of our favorite styles for the season:

Long or Angled bob:

We love this cut because it’s a versatile and sophisticated look that just about anyone can pull off! The shoulder length allows you to pull you hair up when you want, but the blunt “bob” style cut gives it a polished, cropped look. Smooth it out with a straightener for a slick look that’s great for the office, or the weekend. Or you can change things up with a texturizing spray to create waves!

The Amazing Spiderman 2: Rise Of Electro



Bangs can be a little more tricky to pull off – they aren’t or everyone! If you’re willing to take the risk (and you should, hair grows back), bangs are a super cute look for fall. Pair them with a wavy bob, or long, full layers for a super feminine, yet edgy look. Plus, they look super cute with some of fall’s best accessories, like headbands and hats!


taylor swift 1zooey d 1


Long and smooth:

Beautiful long hair basically never goes out of style, and it can be worn all year round! We love the look of stick-straight long hair with rich color for fall. Take a break from summer’s beach waves and try out this sophisticated, super-shiny look.

Tousled pixie:

It can be scary to take the plunge and go for a super short cut like a pixie. We love seeing this look with a little length left on, perfect for pumping hair up with your favorite products! This approachable pixie is bold and super chic. Add a few touches of color for a high fashion look that’s super simple to style!

Bold color:

Summer sun can take a toll on your hair color. Everyone loves to lighten up their hair in the summertime, so think about going a little darker in the fall! Chocolate browns, auburns, and caramel highlights are rich and beautiful tones that are sure to compliment your fall wardrobe and makeup! If you’re looking to spice up your natural blonde look, consider a dose of red for a strawberry blonde style. Or try a more platinum shade like Kristen Wiig’s, or Lauren Conrad’s new looks!

Amy Adams

kristen wiig


Come in to your Urban Nirvana salon and our expert stylists will help to find the best look for you!

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