5 Benefits of Regular Facials

There’s no denying that a professional facial is the best way to improve your skin’s health and appearance. When you walk out of a facial appointment, you feel refreshed and beautiful. It’s tricky to recreate the professional experience at home, and the best way to achieve lasting and continually improving results is to treat yourself on a regular basis! Here are 5 more reasons why:

Urban Nirvana Facial

1. Compound results

While treating yourself to a facial for a special occasion is fabulous, you’ll notice that after a few weeks, your skin starts to return to a state of dull dermis and clogged pores. Regular treatments keep your skin from backsliding and you will see improved results after each treatment!

2. It CAN be affordable

Sometimes it feels like spa treatments should be saved for days off or special occasions, but they actually can be quite affordable! Try our fast break facial, which packs all the benefits of our classic facial into just 30 minutes, making it easy to fit into your schedule, and saving you $30! If you want to try a longer more luxurious facial, we highly recommend our signature facial or add-ons, but the fast break is a great way to keep skin clear in-between these “splurge” appointments.

3. Professional services = professional results

From products to tools to methods, a professional facial will win against just about any at-home treatment. They will be able to safely perform extractions and apply powerful products and chemicals to achieve perfect results. Trying to self-medicate in your bathroom can often lead to acne scars, break-outs, and damaged skin. So leave it to the pros!

4. Ask the experts

Estheticians are experts in their field. Save yourself the process of trial and error, and work directly with a pro to get to the bottom of your skincare needs. They will be able to assess your skin type and work with it to make sure it gets treated just right. Intimidated by the price tag of salon grade products? Take confidence in the fact that you’re getting the best of the best and that it will actually yield results. You can go ahead and clear your medicine cabinet of all those drugstore potions and lotions that haven’t been working!

5. You deserve a break

It’s not just your skin that benefits from regular facials! Facials are great for relaxation. You deserve to take an hour for yourself to de-stress, and look your best!

How regularly you get a facial depends on your skin and routine. We typically recommend getting a regular facial every 4-6 weeks. Even getting one a few times a year will help you to achieve long lasting results. Come by and chat with us about what type of facial would be best for your beautiful skin, or go ahead and book one now! Have questions about our specialty products or facials? Go ahead and ask! We’re here to help.

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Eyebrow Maintenance Tips

It’s amazing how great it feels to have your eyebrows professionally waxed. It’s truly the best way to achieve that perfect arch, and to get rid of all the tiny hairs along your brow line. Whether your brows are thick, thin, patchy, or light, a professional wax is the best way to keep them looking clean and beautiful, not to mention it makes for flawless make-up application.  While plucking is great for maintaining stray hairs, waxing is the best way to completely strip your skin of strays.

Here are a few tips for keeping your brows beautiful this summer:

Find your shape:eyebrow pluck

  • Your face shape and eyebrow type will determine the best looking shape for you. In general, your eyebrows should start just outside the bridge of your nose and end on an angle at the corner of your eye. The arch should sit just to the outside of your pupil.

Stay in the lines:

  • Anyone can get carried away when plucking their eyebrows. Take your brow pencil and fill in your brows before you pluck. This will give you a guideline of what you want you brows to look like, and keep you from crossing the line!

Thicken up:

  • When plucking and styling your brows, you should brush them upwards, not straight across. This will improve the look of the arch and make them look fuller.

Take a step back:

  • It’s easy to get on a roll when you’re up close and personal in the mirror. Especially if you have one of those fantastic (but potentially dangerous) magnifying mirrors. Be sure to back up and take a look at your progress when pruning your eyebrows. This way you won’t lose control and go overboard.Mind the gaps: Once you’ve finished plucking, go back and perfect the shape and fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil or brush  . This gives your bro
    ws a polished and finished look. There are plenty of subtle and natural looking products you can use to achieve this look, without them looking overly dramatic.

If you need some advice about shaping, stop by and talk with one of our expert estheticians! Once you have a professional determine the best shape for you, it will be much easier to keep up with plucking in between waxing sessions. Our downtown Charleston salon is offering $5 off waxing services this July, so come take advantage!

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5 Tips for a Safe Sun-Day

July is skin cancer awareness and UV protection awareness month. In honor of this, we thought we’d weigh in with some sun-safe skincare tips! Overexposure to the sun can cause painful sunburns, accelerate wrinkles and dark spots, and can ultimately lead to skin disease and cancer. Practicing sun-safe skincare is essential for your skin’s lasting beauty and health. If you need some personalized advice, feel free to stop by and talk with us! Here are 5 ways to practice a “safe sun-day.”


The first and most obvious step to sun safety is to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. It’s a reflex to throw some in your beach bag or slather it on when laying by the pool. What you may not realize is that your skin needs protection from the sun every day! Your face usually gets the most exposure, so incorporate a moisturizer with SPF into your daily routine. Hate the feeling of thick and greasy sunscreen on your face? There are plenty of lightweight but powerful products that you can even wear underneath your make-up! We love Tizo tinted moisturizers for a 3-in-1 sunscreen, moisturizer, make-up trifecta!

safe sun-day SPF

Cover Up

July in the south is certainly a time for tank tops and short shorts, but be aware of how much exposure your skin is getting while you’re out and about! Walking around town, lunching on a patio, or exercising outdoors can all give you just as much sun exposure as a day at the beach would. If you know you will be outside for more than an hour or two at a time, spread some moisturizing sunscreen on those limbs! Throw on a wide brimmed hat for extra facial protection and you’ll be ready for a sunny summer day.

safe sun-day hat

You Missed a Spot

It can be easy to overlook areas like the tops of your feet, ears, lips, or even the part of your hair when heading outdoors for a walk around town. Avoid painful regret and make sure that you have adequately treated these tricky areas with sunscreen or protective clothing.

Don’t Rush a Tan

Everyone loves the look of healthy, sun-kissed skin, but over exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays is not the way to get it! Using tanning oils or sunscreens with barely-there SPF levels is dangerous and will likely lead to sunburns and signs of premature aging. If you want to enjoy a relaxing day laying on the beach, only do so with thoroughly protected skin! You may feel like it takes longer to achieve that must-have tan, but in the long run it’s much more healthy to embrace your natural skin-tone and be cautious in the sun.

Fake it

If achieving that sun-kissed glow is a summer essential for you, just fake it! (We don’t mean go to a tanning bed.) Incorporate a shimmery bronzer into your make-up routine and touch up your freshly exfoliated skin with Tan Towel self-tanning wipes.

safe sun-day fake it


As hard as you may try to avoid them, sunburns a fact of life. If you do experience overexposure and find yourself with a painful burn, treating it properly is very important! Use aloe vera products to soothe and heal burnt skin, or try a soothing bath with milk, honey and oats. Use a mild calming and healing moisturizer that doesn’t have a lot of fragrance to prevent peeling and dryness.

Do you have any sun-safe skincare tips you’d like to share with us? We’d be happy to hear them! Stop by any Urban Nirvana location and get a recommendation for a sun-safe skincare product you’ll love. Enjoy the sunny days of summer!


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Salon Secrets: At-Home Blowout

You know that fabulous feeling when you walk out of a hair salon after an appointment? Every hair is in place and your locks are silky smooth and full of body. Your confidence is through the roof and you’re ready to take on the rest of the day. The only downside of this experience is the fact that it can be so tough to recreate on your own! In light of our June promotion ($20 blowouts at all salons), we’ve decided to share some tips with you!

blowout image


DIY Blowout: Step-by-step


  • Start with clean, protected hair

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would and gently dab dry with a nice, soft towel. Add in your favorite heat protecting and smoothing products. We like to add a dab of lightweight Moroccan Oil, or a leave in keratin cream by Coppola Keratin Products. Gently distribute the products through your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Add a spritz of volumizing spray, like Bumble & Bumble thickening spray, to the roots under your crown and around your face.

  • Separate into sections

Divide your hair into 4 or 5 sections. Isolate the sides of your hair (between your temples and ears), twist into loose buns or simply secure with a clip. Then divide the remaining “Mohawk” section of your hair into two or three sections (depending on its thickness). Twist into loose buns and secure with a clip.

  • Lift with your fingers

Working in sections, lift your hair up from the root with your fingers and focus the blow-dryer close to your head. Your fingers will allow you to get closer to the scalp than a brush will, and boosting up your roots will add that lasting volume you’re looking for.

  • Break out the round-brushround brushes

Working with one section at a time, Use your round brush to lift and smooth your hair. Start by working in the opposite direction that your hair naturally lies. If you part to the left, pull your hair up and to the right while you dry during this stage. Pull the hair from your crown outward to the front. This adds more volume when you move on to smooth your hair into place. Pull your strands taught (but not to the point where it’s uncomfortable). Follow our brush down the hair shaft with your dryer, and hold a light curl on your ends before releasing.

Style Tip: Get a blow-dryer with an attachable concentrator nozzle. This makes for a more direct air flow and smoother results.

  • Smooth and add finishing touches

After your hair is completely dry, start smoothing your strands into place. Allow all your sections to fall together and shake your hair to where it naturally falls. Straighten out your part, and smooth out a few sections with your round brush and a few blasts of cool air. Smooth out your face framing layers and add a little more bounce by concentrating the round brush on your ends. Add a finishing serum or a spritz of hair spray to lock in shine, and you’re ready to go!

Practice these tips next time you have a few extra minutes to do your hair, and soon enough it will be your regular blow-dry routine! We’re always here to help and answer questions, so take advantage of our June promotion and stop by any salon for a $20 blowout, and see what the experts have to say! We’ll even give you a few extra tips and tricks to take home!

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Tips for Your Skincare Routine

Putting together the perfect skin care routine can be tricky. You don’t want to skimp on steps or products, but you also want to make sure you give yourself a routine that you can actually keep up with. Finding the right routine for your budget and skin-type is important, and our expert staff is here to help! While much of your skin care routine will depend on your unique needs, here are a few universal tips you should keep in mind next time you’re in front of the mirror:         

skin care closeuo

No touching

Avoid excess touching of your face throughout the day. Dirt and oils from your hands can quickly turn into damaging acne. This especially goes for picking at acne or other blemishes. As tempting as it may be, squeezing blackheads and pimples is the worst thing you can do to your skin. Next time you’re tempted to dive in with the magnified mirror, think to yourself that every pore you squeeze may as well result in three new blemishes later. If you are really struggling with an eyesore, only attempt to extract it with great care and patience. Your face and hands should be clean, pores should be opened with warm water or steam, and you should use an extraction tool to relieve the pore.

Keep clean surfaces

Did you know that your cell phone and pillow case can be contributing to acne? Make-up residue, skin cells, dirt, and oils can all get trapped on surfaces that your face comes in contact with. Be sure to wipe down your phone after each use, and try sleeping on a silk or satin pillow case, opposed to cotton, that you wash frequently. You should also routinely clean your makeup brushes and use fresh sponges for applying liquid or powders.

Protectglotheraputics moisturizer

Protecting your skin from environmental damage is crucial for long-term skin care. Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach! Find a daily moisturizer with SPF in it to protect your face at all times (even under your makeup). In the summertime, we love to use glo-therapeutics tinted moisturizers to cover all the bases!



Whether you use a facial scrub a few times a week, or get regular facials and peels, exfoliating is important for skin cell renewal (a.k.a. keeping your skin looking youthful and fresh). We also recommend retinoid products for many of our clients. Retinoid products are usually intended for anti-aging and wrinkle fighting purposes, however they can also be great for treating acne-prone skin. Retinol enhances skin cell renewal, firmness, and smoothes fine lines. We recommend incorporating retinoid products into your skin care routine while you’re still in your twenties so you can get a head start and reap the benefits for decades to come!

Did you know that your diet can play a big part in your complexion as well? What are your tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling beautiful? Stop by an Urban Nirvana location near you for a product recommendation, or a refreshing facial! 

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