9 Ideas for Wedding Hair: Brides, Maids & Guests

urban nirvana wedding hair

October is huge for weddings in South Carolina. With sunny skies and a slightly cooler breeze, it is the perfect month to get married–especially outdoors. Here are nine hairstyles we love for weddings–for brides, bridesmaids and guests alike!


We know it’s all about the dress. But the hair can compliment your look to perfection. Here are a few styles we love for 2015 and 2016 brides:

The Classic: This sleek and fuss-free updo is perfect for brides with any neckline who wants to keep her hair away from her face.



The Vintage: This look hearkens back to an older time, perfect for brides who want to add a little nostalgia and romance to the affair.


The Perfectly Swept Wave: This modern look is great for more informal gatherings and will be dance floor perfection.




We love these updated bridesmaid styles. However, it’s always best to ask the bride what she wants for her maids’ looks!

The Big Braid: perfect for an outdoor or boho wedding.


The Knotted Twist: this updated style is great for a more formal gathering in a banquet ballroom. Plus, it won’t go anywhere when you’re shaking your tailfeather with the Best Man.


The Wavy Lob: For a relaxed wedding, you can go for a more relaxed look–just make sure to add some product that shines and smooths. 




If you’ve been to a hundred weddings in the last two years, you may be running out of ideas for your hair. Here are some great styles we love!

Rockin’ Fringe: Thick, 70s style bangs are back and we love them for a great wedding look.


The Side Fishtail: This braid looks so much more intricate than it is. Mess it up a little to get that effortlessly chic look.


Parted & Straight: The middle part is still huge for fall and winter, so don’t be afraid to try it out. Just be sure to maintain the volume in your hair to keep it from looking limp.


Want to get that perfect wedding hair? Book an appointment with an expert stylist at any of our Urban Nirvana Hair locations!

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3 Aromatherapy Scents & Their Benefits


3 Aroma Therapies You Need to Try (1)

You’ve probably heard of Aromatherapy and might think it begins and ends with some fragrant candles in your living room. But the truth is that essential oils have been proven to help and heal all sorts of ailments, and at Urban Nirvana, we believe that they enhance our already amazing massages.

LMT Pamela Trotter | Urban Nirvana Lexington SC

LMT Pamela Trotter, who works in our Lexington Day Spa location, believes in the healing properties of Aromatherapy and is here to tell us more:

“Aromatherapy blends have unique properties that contribute to physical and emotional healing,” she says. And what are some of her favorite scents?
1. Eucalyptus – it helps clear the mind, aids cold and flu symptoms, and helps relieve migraines. It’s the perfect blend for the transition into cooler temperatures when some of us might feel a little under the weather.
2. The calming properties of Lavender reduce anxiety and stress, which is why you see it most often in bath salts and other luxurious products. We believe everyone can use a little calm and relaxation, no matter what your job or life looks like.
3. Peppermint relieves nausea, tense muscles, and cools down the body during hot summer months. As you can imagine, it’s really amazing for prenatal massages for these reasons, but just about anyone can benefit from a cool-down (especially in these dog days of summer)!
There you have it; just a few examples of how beneficial aromatherapy can be. Try adding aromatherapy to your next massage at Urban Nirvana and share with us the difference you feel!

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September Employee Spotlight: Ralph Roina

Ralph Roina, Master Stylist, has been making Urban Nirvana clients happy for years. They describe him as “amazing,” “awesome” and “the best in town.” But we got to ask Ralph a few fun questions–and you might be surprised to hear the answers! Learn more in this month’s employee spotlight:

Team Spotlight-

Want to book an appointment with Ralph? Contact our Kiawah salon.

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Back to School Styles We Love

Back to school is here and although we know it can be sad to leave behind long beach days and nights without homework, it’s also a great time to try out a new look. Here are some cuts and styles we love for the fall:

Go Wild with Color

Think outside the blonde highlights. Instead, opt for a bold color that will really exhibit your personality. Purple and blue are “of the moment” hair colors that we just love, but we can basically do any color of the rainbow, too:

urban nirvana hair wild colors


Badass Braids

We’re loving this braid (with mermaid color, no less!) for a fresh way to give your look some edge. Balayaged hair looks amazing in braids since it allows people to see all the facets of your color. Try a side fishtail braid like this one for a great class-to-date night look.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 3.44.18 PM

Start with a Bang

It’s probably the most asked stylist question of all time: “Do you think I can pull off bangs?” There are different techniques for cutting bangs for every kind of hair type and face shape (wispy, straight, thick, side-swept), so don’t be afraid to experiment!

urban nirvana hair - bangs


If Back to School is crazy (because of your kids or your studies), maybe you want to opt for something that takes less thought and upkeep. In that case, give your hair the chop! Simply dry (in a snap), add some product and go:

urban nirvana hair - grown out pixie cut

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5 Reasons You Need a Facial Now

1. It’s been a long, hot summer

Being outside and in the sun may have taken its toll. Is your skin feeling dry and tight from overwashing? Or maybe you’re suffering from clogged pores due to an overproduction of oil? Come on in for a cooling facial refresh and walk out with a supple, clear complexion.

2. The boss is stressing you out

Are you having a tough time at work? Deadlines got you down? Take solace for over an hour in our dark, cool, relaxing environment. Sip on some cucumber water in your robe and let your aesthetician scrub the stress away.

3. You’re seeing fine lines

No one can stop Father Time, and who would want to? You get better with age! But if the fine lines around your eyes or mouth are starting to bug you, a super moisturizing facial can be just what you need. Try adding on a rehydration treatment to any of your favorite facials.

4. You’re a picker

Are you one of the many women who love to pop zits? It’s incredibly damaging to your skin. If you are seeing white or blackheads crop up, schedule a facial and resist the urge to pick! You risk more pimples, infection and even scarring.

5. You’ve got an event coming up

Want to be photog ready for an event? A facial is a great way to get your skin smooth and healthy for any event. Our expert aestheticians use only the best products with lots of natural goodness designed to rejuvenate your skin – whether it be your face or back!

But who really needs a “reason” to get a facial? If you want to kick back, relax and look as amazing as you feel, then we’re ready to help. Schedule your appointment at any of our Urban Nirvana Day Spa locations today!

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