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Massage therapy restores vital energy, reduces stress and promotes a balanced body and mind. At Urban Nirvana, our licensed massage therapists use a combination of modalities ranging from gentle to firm pressure, paying attention to areas requiring extra care or concentration.

Urban Nirvana’s therapeutic facial treatments provide not only corrective benefits for the skin, but also deep relaxation and relief from stress.

We offer a wide range of depilatory services. Click to learn more about pricing and services offered at our Urban Nirvana locations.

Many people don’t realize that the skin on our bodies can suffer the same damaging environmental effects as our face. Frequent professional body treatments are as necessary as regular facials to maintain optimum skin health.

From careful attention to the needs of expectant mothers to the expert understanding of what makes a man’s skin different, Urban Nirvana’s therapists and estheticians offer a range of special packages and combinations.

Urban Nirvana offers a complete range of mens spa and salon services available at our many locations, simply make and appointment and leave the rest to our trained and certified professionals who will leave you wanting more.


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