3 Aroma Therapies You Need to Try (1)

You’ve probably heard of Aromatherapy and might think it begins and ends with some fragrant candles in your living room. But the truth is that essential oils have been proven to help and heal all sorts of ailments, and at Urban Nirvana, we believe that they enhance our already amazing massages.

LMT Pamela Trotter | Urban Nirvana Lexington SC

LMT Pamela Trotter, who works in our Lexington Day Spa location, believes in the healing properties of Aromatherapy and is here to tell us more:

“Aromatherapy blends have unique properties that contribute to physical and emotional healing,” she says. And what are some of her favorite scents?
1. Eucalyptus – it helps clear the mind, aids cold and flu symptoms, and helps relieve migraines. It’s the perfect blend for the transition into cooler temperatures when some of us might feel a little under the weather.
2. The calming properties of Lavender reduce anxiety and stress, which is why you see it most often in bath salts and other luxurious products. We believe everyone can use a little calm and relaxation, no matter what your job or life looks like.
3. Peppermint relieves nausea, tense muscles, and cools down the body during hot summer months. As you can imagine, it’s really amazing for prenatal massages for these reasons, but just about anyone can benefit from a cool-down (especially in these dog days of summer)!
There you have it; just a few examples of how beneficial aromatherapy can be. Try adding aromatherapy to your next massage at Urban Nirvana and share with us the difference you feel!