1. It’s been a long, hot summer

Being outside and in the sun may have taken its toll. Is your skin feeling dry and tight from overwashing? Or maybe you’re suffering from clogged pores due to an overproduction of oil? Come on in for a cooling facial refresh and walk out with a supple, clear complexion.

2. The boss is stressing you out

Are you having a tough time at work? Deadlines got you down? Take solace for over an hour in our dark, cool, relaxing environment. Sip on some cucumber water in your robe and let your aesthetician scrub the stress away.

3. You’re seeing fine lines

No one can stop Father Time, and who would want to? You get better with age! But if the fine lines around your eyes or mouth are starting to bug you, a super moisturizing facial can be just what you need. Try adding on a rehydration treatment to any of your favorite facials.

4. You’re a picker

Are you one of the many women who love to pop zits? It’s incredibly damaging to your skin. If you are seeing white or blackheads crop up, schedule a facial and resist the urge to pick! You risk more pimples, infection and even scarring.

5. You’ve got an event coming up

Want to be photog ready for an event? A facial is a great way to get your skin smooth and healthy for any event. Our expert aestheticians use only the best products with lots of natural goodness designed to rejuvenate your skin – whether it be your face or back!

But who really needs a “reason” to get a facial? If you want to kick back, relax and look as amazing as you feel, then we’re ready to help. Schedule your appointment at any of our Urban Nirvana Day Spa locations today!