When winter weather sets in, it can have a bigger impact on your hair than you may think! Even mild drops in temperature can make your hair susceptible to changes. We’ve been conditioning and protecting our hair from the sun all summer, but don’t neglect it just because you aren’t hitting the pool anymore!

Healthy Winter Hair

Even though it’s cold out, sun exposure is still a major contributor to hair damage. Pair that with cold winter winds, and you’ve got a recipe for dry, brittle hair. Also, indoor heating can contribute to the problem. Warm and dry indoor air may be cozy to come into from a cold day, but it could be stressing out your locks!

Not to worry though, there is plenty you can do to protect your hair and prevent damage during the winter months. Here are 5 tips for preventing winter hair damage:

1. Don’t go outside in the cold with wet hair. This can cause wet hair to freeze and can lead to major breakage.


2. Use moisturizing treatments that are rich in fatty acids and nourishing oils. These ingredients will help lock moisture into hair for extended periods of time.


3. Avoid over washing. Let your hairs natural oils do their job and do not wash your hair everyday in the winter. Your body sweats less in the winter than in the summer, so your hair washing routine should change to reflect that.


4. Comb leave-in moisturizing products through your hair from root to tip.


5. When wearing fuzzy hats, be sure to use a little extra moisturizer or conditioner after. Wool beanie can be abrasive and dry out your hair.

Have more questions about keeping your hair healthy in the winter? Come by our salon for some more tips!