July is skin cancer awareness and UV protection awareness month. In honor of this, we thought we’d weigh in with some sun-safe skincare tips! Overexposure to the sun can cause painful sunburns, accelerate wrinkles and dark spots, and can ultimately lead to skin disease and cancer. Practicing sun-safe skincare is essential for your skin’s lasting beauty and health. If you need some personalized advice, feel free to stop by and talk with us! Here are 5 ways to practice a “safe sun-day.”


The first and most obvious step to sun safety is to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. It’s a reflex to throw some in your beach bag or slather it on when laying by the pool. What you may not realize is that your skin needs protection from the sun every day! Your face usually gets the most exposure, so incorporate a moisturizer with SPF into your daily routine. Hate the feeling of thick and greasy sunscreen on your face? There are plenty of lightweight but powerful products that you can even wear underneath your make-up! We love Tizo tinted moisturizers for a 3-in-1 sunscreen, moisturizer, make-up trifecta!

safe sun-day SPF

Cover Up

July in the south is certainly a time for tank tops and short shorts, but be aware of how much exposure your skin is getting while you’re out and about! Walking around town, lunching on a patio, or exercising outdoors can all give you just as much sun exposure as a day at the beach would. If you know you will be outside for more than an hour or two at a time, spread some moisturizing sunscreen on those limbs! Throw on a wide brimmed hat for extra facial protection and you’ll be ready for a sunny summer day.

safe sun-day hat

You Missed a Spot

It can be easy to overlook areas like the tops of your feet, ears, lips, or even the part of your hair when heading outdoors for a walk around town. Avoid painful regret and make sure that you have adequately treated these tricky areas with sunscreen or protective clothing.

Don’t Rush a Tan

Everyone loves the look of healthy, sun-kissed skin, but over exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays is not the way to get it! Using tanning oils or sunscreens with barely-there SPF levels is dangerous and will likely lead to sunburns and signs of premature aging. If you want to enjoy a relaxing day laying on the beach, only do so with thoroughly protected skin! You may feel like it takes longer to achieve that must-have tan, but in the long run it’s much more healthy to embrace your natural skin-tone and be cautious in the sun.

Fake it

If achieving that sun-kissed glow is a summer essential for you, just fake it! (We don’t mean go to a tanning bed.) Incorporate a shimmery bronzer into your make-up routine and touch up your freshly exfoliated skin with Tan Towel self-tanning wipes.

safe sun-day fake it


As hard as you may try to avoid them, sunburns a fact of life. If you do experience overexposure and find yourself with a painful burn, treating it properly is very important! Use aloe vera products to soothe and heal burnt skin, or try a soothing bath with milk, honey and oats. Use a mild calming and healing moisturizer that doesn’t have a lot of fragrance to prevent peeling and dryness.

Do you have any sun-safe skincare tips you’d like to share with us? We’d be happy to hear them! Stop by any Urban Nirvana location and get a recommendation for a sun-safe skincare product you’ll love. Enjoy the sunny days of summer!