urban nirvana wedding hair

October is huge for weddings in South Carolina. With sunny skies and a slightly cooler breeze, it is the perfect month to get married–especially outdoors. Here are nine hairstyles we love for weddings–for brides, bridesmaids and guests alike!


We know it’s all about the dress. But the hair can compliment your look to perfection. Here are a few styles we love for 2015 and 2016 brides:

The Classic: This sleek and fuss-free updo is perfect for brides with any neckline who wants to keep her hair away from her face.



The Vintage: This look hearkens back to an older time, perfect for brides who want to add a little nostalgia and romance to the affair.


The Perfectly Swept Wave: This modern look is great for more informal gatherings and will be dance floor perfection.




We love these updated bridesmaid styles. However, it’s always best to ask the bride what she wants for her maids’ looks!

The Big Braid: perfect for an outdoor or boho wedding.


The Knotted Twist: this updated style is great for a more formal gathering in a banquet ballroom. Plus, it won’t go anywhere when you’re shaking your tailfeather with the Best Man.


The Wavy Lob: For a relaxed wedding, you can go for a more relaxed look–just make sure to add some product that shines and smooths. 




If you’ve been to a hundred weddings in the last two years, you may be running out of ideas for your hair. Here are some great styles we love!

Rockin’ Fringe: Thick, 70s style bangs are back and we love them for a great wedding look.


The Side Fishtail: This braid looks so much more intricate than it is. Mess it up a little to get that effortlessly chic look.


Parted & Straight: The middle part is still huge for fall and winter, so don’t be afraid to try it out. Just be sure to maintain the volume in your hair to keep it from looking limp.


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