Urban Nirvana’s newest salon in Downtown Charleston is ammonia-free. But to understand why this matters and is important for your hair health, we must first explain what ammonia is and what it does.

Ammonia is a chemical that effectively raises the pH of your hair and expands the cuticle. While this allows for permanent color to enter the cortex of your hair strands, it can also cause damage because of protein and moisture loss. But ammonia is not required for permanent hair color, which is why many brands are moving away from this outdated process. Instead, companies like L’Oreal created lines like INOA. INOA is a professional hair coloring system that does not utilize ammonia. This is the line we carry at our Downtown location and others.


Besides being ammonia-free, this line does not have the pungent odor commonly associated with other coloring systems (think about that awful box color you used that one time at a high school sleepover). You will also notice, as you’re sitting in the salon chair, that you aren’t experiencing that uncomfortable itchy scalp as the color sits. Additionally, it is proven to be better for gray coverage and helps your hair shine. In other words, INOA is a great line and a hair color of the future. So go on, give us a call and schedule your appointment today.