Most people wait until a blemish or skin imperfection rears it’s ugly head to dash to the spa for a facial treatment. However, instead of scheduling an appointment when you’re scrambling to cover an unwanted blemish, you should consider the many benefits of regular facial appointments to avoid problems in the future. Aside from the relaxation you get from a facial treatment, there are countless reasons why you should make room on your calendar for facials every couple of months. We’ve put together our list of top 5 reasons why facials are a not-to-be-missed spa treatment that not only relaxes you, it does the body good!

 Top 5 Benefits of Regular Facials:

  1. Increase circulation of blood: this allows the skin to facilitate the renewal of skin cells that will leave you looking fresh and glowing.
  2. The fountain of youth: facials are highly effective at slowing down the aging process. Women, rejoice! The appearance of fine lines and age spots are significantly diminished, leaving your skin feeling firmer, more radiant and hydrated.
  3. Tone it down: regular facials can dramatically even out skin tones and lighten dark spots on the face, making for a more youthful look.
  4. Extractions: during the treatment, your professionally trained aesthetician will perform extractions to clean out your clogged pores. Extractions help stop acne formation, which is key to maintaining clear skin. You do not want to attempt this at home, as you run the risk of improperly extracting clogged pores and permanently scarring your face.
  5. Go deeper: At home exfoliation can only go so far. Facials provide deeper exfoliation that is safe for your skin, helping to unclog pores, deep penetration of moisturizers and serums, while smoothing out the skin.

 While we recommend getting a facial every 6 weeks, we understand it can be difficult to squeeze into your schedule. If you can aim to schedule a facial treatment at least every 8 weeks, you’ll be on the road to clearer, healthier, younger looking skin – we promise! Book an appointment today with our expertly trained aestheticians at Urban Nirvana, across South Carolina.