With warm temperatures come great responsibility. 

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Though we recommend wearing sun protection year-round, it’s a non-negotiable in the spring and summer months when the sun is at its strongest. To protect yourself, you have to have the right products and a little bit of know-how. Here are some great tips from our expert estheticians at the Urban Nirvana Day Spas:

1. Slather it on every day

Yes, even when it’s cloudy. In order to make this work, you can get a lightweight moisturizer that contains SPF protection (we recommend at least 20) or a tinted moisturizer to avoid having multiple layers on your skin. Don’t forget to apply the sunscreen to oft-forgotten places like ears, too.

2. Hats & sunglasses

Using a hat as shade for your face is a great idea, especially if you’ll be outdoors for most of the day. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from sun damage (light-eyed people are at higher risk) and prevent you from squinting all day.

3. Avoid sun exposure at peak hours

Our home state of South Carolina is known for its beaches and fun outdoor activities, but whenever possible, try to go out before and after the peak sun times (11am-3pm). This time of the day is when the sun is at its strongest and it will be easy to burn, even if you have sun protection on.

4. Broad-spectrum protection

Get sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection in order to be sure you’re covered against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Some only protect against one kind of ray, so you might still be doing damage even if you don’t get burned.

5. Reapplication is key

If you are going to the beach, pool or going to be in a bathing suit for a few hours in direct sunlight, don’t “set it and forget it” with your sun protection. Be sure to reapply every hour or so to ensure that you won’t get burned and/or cause permanent damage.

And we’d like to remind you that not only is your natural coloring is beautiful, investing in your skincare and sun protection will ensure lots of years looking younger, fresher and healthier than those who sunbathed all those years.