It’s amazing how great it feels to have your eyebrows professionally waxed. It’s truly the best way to achieve that perfect arch, and to get rid of all the tiny hairs along your brow line. Whether your brows are thick, thin, patchy, or light, a professional wax is the best way to keep them looking clean and beautiful, not to mention it makes for flawless make-up application.  While plucking is great for maintaining stray hairs, waxing is the best way to completely strip your skin of strays.

Here are a few tips for keeping your brows beautiful this summer:

Find your shape:eyebrow pluck

  • Your face shape and eyebrow type will determine the best looking shape for you. In general, your eyebrows should start just outside the bridge of your nose and end on an angle at the corner of your eye. The arch should sit just to the outside of your pupil.

Stay in the lines:

  • Anyone can get carried away when plucking their eyebrows. Take your brow pencil and fill in your brows before you pluck. This will give you a guideline of what you want you brows to look like, and keep you from crossing the line!

Thicken up:

  • When plucking and styling your brows, you should brush them upwards, not straight across. This will improve the look of the arch and make them look fuller.

Take a step back:

  • It’s easy to get on a roll when you’re up close and personal in the mirror. Especially if you have one of those fantastic (but potentially dangerous) magnifying mirrors. Be sure to back up and take a look at your progress when pruning your eyebrows. This way you won’t lose control and go overboard.Mind the gaps: Once you’ve finished plucking, go back and perfect the shape and fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil or brush  . This gives your bro
    ws a polished and finished look. There are plenty of subtle and natural looking products you can use to achieve this look, without them looking overly dramatic.

If you need some advice about shaping, stop by and talk with one of our expert estheticians! Once you have a professional determine the best shape for you, it will be much easier to keep up with plucking in between waxing sessions. Our downtown Charleston salon is offering $5 off waxing services this July, so come take advantage!