benefits of regular massage

A massage may seem like a luxury, but for many people dealing with pain, anxiety or stress, they can be necessary. The benefits of regular massage are almost endless, but here are five of our favorites:

1. Stress management

Let’s face it: there’s never going to be a time when our lives are completely stress-free. Whether it’s work, your mother-in-law’s visit, your friends causing drama or your man troubles, there are always going to be speed bumps in the road of life. We won’t promise you that an Urban Nirvana massage will cure all of your worries, but it can help you alleviate stress and better manage your life. Studies show that a little “me time” is invaluable for busy parents and workers alike. Don’t feel guilty about taking 30, 60 or even 90 minutes to be quiet and calm.

2. Improve your sleep

Along with stress comes lack of sleep. Imagine this: your mind is running a mile a minute as the clock strikes 3am. If this sounds familiar, it could be helpful to get a massage. Along with feeling rested after having your muscles relaxed, your mind will be a little more calm and you can get to a restful place with greatest ease.

3. Alleviate headaches

Maybe you’re dependent on caffeine, maybe you have are having neck troubles, maybe you are predisposed to headaches. It doesn’t matter. By alleviating tension at all your pressure points, you can greatly reduce your headaches with regular massages. You will feel less stiff and perhaps have less headaches, which in turn makes you less dependent on headache medicine.

4. Increase blood flow

The National Library of Medicine says it best, “red blood cells have specific tasks of carrying oxygen to your body’s vital organs, providing vitality and energy.” Does this subscribe you? If not, then a massage would be the perfect solution. Getting your blood flowing through exercise is important, but if you have an old injury that rears its ugly head whenever you put on your running shoes, a massage can help.

5. Injury/pain management

Speaking of old injuries, massage is the perfect solution for back, neck, or any muscle-related pain. The Urban Nirvana Master Massage is perfect for those looking to alleviate pains and who get regularly massaged.

And don’t forget, lovebirds: we have Couples Massage for those couples looking to spend a little time together or who need to reconnect.