The warmer weather has us so excited to get outside and have some fun in the sun. Summer is one of the most fun seasons for fashion. Who doesn’t love the look and feel of a lightweight sundress, bo-ho sandals, and a floppy hat! Don’t forget to sprinkle some of that care-free summer fun into your hair-do routine, too! Here are some of our favorite hairstyles for summertime:


  1. Braids, braids, braids

There is no look that a beautiful braided do won’t compliment. From fishtails to crowns, a well-braided style will not only look totally cute, it will keep your hair tucked in place all day long! Take on a windy day at the beach, or a cocktail hour on a sunny rooftop bar with looks like these.


crown braid bang braid fishtail braid


  1. Classic Blowout

Simple, timeless, and beautiful; the classic blow-out is a definite go-to for a polished look. Smooth out your locks with a round brush and the dryer on a medium setting to dry and volumize, then hit a few pieces with a straightener to add shine and bounce to your ends. Don’t forget to use a heat protecting product like Coppola Keratin Complex Thermo Shine Spray.


blowout 1 blowout 3 blowout 2


  1. Beach Waves

Nothing says summer like the effortless look of beach waves. If you’re blessed with naturally perfect waves, just spritz a little Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, scrunch with a soft towel, and air dry. If you need a little extra help keeping the waves intact, use a diffuser and blow dry on a low setting, and finish with a lightweight hairspray. A little braided bang wouldn’t hurts this look, either!


beach waves 1 beach waves 3 beach waves 2


  1. Textured Bob

A short summer haircut is so much fun to style. You can transform from a sleek and polished look, to a volumized, street-swept style on a daily basis! Scrunch in some breezy waves, and hit a few pieces with a curling wand to perfect the look. Check out our latest guest blog for some great short hair styling tips and products!


textured bob 1 textured bob 3 textured bob 2


  1. Perky Pony

Spunky, cute, and totally simple, a perky pony-tail is a great go-to summer hairstyle. Keep you long hair neatly tied back on hot summer days. Your pony-tail doesn’t have to be boring or even casual! Blow-dry and straighten for a sleek look, tease it up for a chic and messy style, or add a few curls to the ends for extra volume. Add a fun headband, and sneak two bobby pins in the underside of the ponytail to give it some extra lift. We recommend using silk hair ties for all day hold and comfort that doesn’t damage your hair.


perky pony 1 perky pony 4 perky pony 3


These styles are easy to do yourself, and can be worn everywhere from the office to the beach! If you don’t think you can pull off an elaborate braid or expert blow-out, ask your stylist for a few quick tutorials next time you’re in the chair! Don’t forget – regular trims are important for keeping your summer hair healthy and tidy. Try some of these styles out this weekend, and share your style success with us on facebook!