Halloween is fast approaching. As hair and beauty experts, we love this holiday because it’s an opportunity to go way out of the box with your look! If you haven’t planned your costume yet, you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a list of some great costume ideas that center around fun (and easy) hairstyles!

Rockabilly Girl or Rosie the Riveter

This fun retro look is a great go to for a last minute costume, or for gals who want to play with a glamourous makeup look! All you need is a head scarf, and the make-up products listed below! To get the hairstyle right, all you have to do is pull the bangs/front section of your hair forward (pull a little more hair than just your bangs, for a more dramatic look). Pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and twist into a bun. Then, use a wide barreled curling iron to curl the front section into a single ringlet. Roll it up to the hairline, and secure with bobby pins. Tie the scarf around your head and you’re ready to go! Pair this hairstyle with black liquid eyeliner and a bright red lip.

Halloween hair 1










Halloween makeup 1











Hair photo from freckled fox blog. Get the full tutorial here.


This costume is so fun because it looks much more complicated to style than it actually is! To get this hairstyle, simply style your hair into a crown braid, or do a few braided sections and pin them up around your head (the messier it looks, the better!) Then grab a few small rubber snakes from a costume shop, or even the dollar store and weave them into your braided hair, securing with bobby pins. Top with hairspray and all you have to decide is whether to be a glamorous or scary version of medusa – and do your makeup accordingly!











halloween makeup 2









Hair photo from Joy of Fashion Blog. Get full tutorial here.


Mental patient or Zombie

If you’re wanting to go the creepy route, all you have to do is give yourself some spooky make up (pale face makeup, dark eye circles, and maybe a scar or too). What really makes a look like this stand out is a crazy hair-do. Teasing your hair into a big mess can be fun for the night, but you want to make sure it’s done properly or you’ll be coming out tangles for the next week! When teasing your hair, start by adding some hairspray or texturizing spray throughout to give it some extra grit. Start from the bottom and work your way up, that way you’ll build on the volume you’re creating. Work in sections and back comb hair only 2-3 inches from your scalp. If you start at the end of the strands, you’ll wind up creating a big mess that’s too scary even for Halloween. Once you’ve teased all over, coat with some more hairspray, and get ready to shock your friends!

halloween hair 3









halloween makeup 3










Hair photo from Brit Co blog.

What are you planning to dress as for Halloween? Ask us for tips and we’ll help you get the style just right!