Getting primped and prepped for holiday festivities can be so much fun! Still trying to figure out what look you’ll be going for this season? Check out a few of our favorite holiday party styles here:

Classic blowout

holiday party hair 2

To get a soft and shiny blowout at home, separate your hair into sections and use a large round brush smooth and add volume. Check out a more detailed tutorial here! For a more chic holiday party look, toss more of your hair to one side and create a deeper part. You can even secure the smaller side with a few glittery bobby pins for a more dressed-up look.


The Shoulder-Length flip


Add some volumizing mouse to your roots and blow hair dry. Then set your hair with medium sized hot rollers and allow them to cool before unrolling. Spritz with some medium hold hairspray and separate the curls with your fingers, so they look more natural but still bouncy. Swoop and pin your bangs to the side for an adorable look!


Classic starlet curls

holiday party hair 1


After hair is blow dried, add a texturizing spray to give it some grit and hold. Then use a curling wand to curl your hair in 2-inch sections, hold the curl in place, and secure to your head with a pin before unrolling. Once your whole head is set and sections have cooled, remove the pins and add some light hold hairspray. Then use a boar or nylon bristled brush to smooth the curls, creating a vintage old Hollywood look. Smooth hair over to one side and secure with bobby pins to complete the lo


Hairband Tuck “Updo”

One of our favorite go-to looks for a dressy occasion is this super simple “updo.” Start with a decorative headband, like this one from PinkPewter, and place it around the crown of your head. Allow some face framing pieces to fall in the front. The elastic of the headband should be resting at the base of your head, with your hair underneath. Take your hair in chunky sections (or all at once if you have long hair) and begin tucking and wrapping it into the elastic. If you’re working in sections, work from the outside near your ears into the center. This style takes only a few minutes, and you’ve got a great glittery accessory to show off at the party! Check out this tutorial video for more tips.