bumble and bumble urban nirvana

Product: Dryspun Finishing Spray

Brand: Bumble & Bumble

The Claim: Make hair look airy, effortless

The Real Deal: It’s no secret that dry shampoo is having a moment. It’s not great for your hair to wash it every day, so it’s great that we now have a product that we can use to add a little lift on the in-between days. Our stylists love and use this spray at Urban Nirvana salons because it does exactly what it’s supposed to. It was even featured in Allure magazine.

We sell a lot of it to women with all hair textures, though fine haired ladies really love the lift it provides since they are more prone to in-between day oil build-up. To use, we recommend holding the can about 8-10 inches away from your hair and going down the shaft of your hair in straight lines. The spray is translucent, not white like some other brands’ sprays. Then just wait a few seconds and then toss your hair around; you’ll love the new life it has.

If you’re looking for this product, you can find it at any of our Urban Nirvana Salon locations.