You know that fabulous feeling when you walk out of a hair salon after an appointment? Every hair is in place and your locks are silky smooth and full of body. Your confidence is through the roof and you’re ready to take on the rest of the day. The only downside of this experience is the fact that it can be so tough to recreate on your own! In light of our June promotion ($20 blowouts at all salons), we’ve decided to share some tips with you!

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DIY Blowout: Step-by-step


  • Start with clean, protected hair

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would and gently dab dry with a nice, soft towel. Add in your favorite heat protecting and smoothing products. We like to add a dab of lightweight Moroccan Oil, or a leave in keratin cream by Coppola Keratin Products. Gently distribute the products through your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Add a spritz of volumizing spray, like Bumble & Bumble thickening spray, to the roots under your crown and around your face.

  • Separate into sections

Divide your hair into 4 or 5 sections. Isolate the sides of your hair (between your temples and ears), twist into loose buns or simply secure with a clip. Then divide the remaining “Mohawk” section of your hair into two or three sections (depending on its thickness). Twist into loose buns and secure with a clip.

  • Lift with your fingers

Working in sections, lift your hair up from the root with your fingers and focus the blow-dryer close to your head. Your fingers will allow you to get closer to the scalp than a brush will, and boosting up your roots will add that lasting volume you’re looking for.

  • Break out the round-brushround brushes

Working with one section at a time, Use your round brush to lift and smooth your hair. Start by working in the opposite direction that your hair naturally lies. If you part to the left, pull your hair up and to the right while you dry during this stage. Pull the hair from your crown outward to the front. This adds more volume when you move on to smooth your hair into place. Pull your strands taught (but not to the point where it’s uncomfortable). Follow our brush down the hair shaft with your dryer, and hold a light curl on your ends before releasing.

Style Tip: Get a blow-dryer with an attachable concentrator nozzle. This makes for a more direct air flow and smoother results.

  • Smooth and add finishing touches

After your hair is completely dry, start smoothing your strands into place. Allow all your sections to fall together and shake your hair to where it naturally falls. Straighten out your part, and smooth out a few sections with your round brush and a few blasts of cool air. Smooth out your face framing layers and add a little more bounce by concentrating the round brush on your ends. Add a finishing serum or a spritz of hair spray to lock in shine, and you’re ready to go!

Practice these tips next time you have a few extra minutes to do your hair, and soon enough it will be your regular blow-dry routine! We’re always here to help and answer questions, so take advantage of our June promotion and stop by any salon for a $20 blowout, and see what the experts have to say! We’ll even give you a few extra tips and tricks to take home!