Urban Nirvana Day Spa Body Wraps

In the winter, our skin can get dry and tight. Since we’re inclined to bundle up, we’re less likely to moisturize and take care of our skin appropriately. But it can also be a perfect time to restore your skin since it is less exposed to sun and the elements. At Urban Nirvana, we provide a variety of body treatments no matter what you’re looking for. Here is a brief overview of the treatments we recommend and why:

1. Cocoa Shea Butter Wrap

This wrap is perfect for skin ravaged by winter, those with particularly dry skin and even the expectant mother. The skin is prepared for this treatment with a dry brushing to increase circulation. A hydrating cocoa shea butter lotion is massaged in, while a scalp and neck massage complements the warming wrap. Rich in butters that add moisture and sheen to dry, lifeless skin, this wrap penetrates to help replenish elasticity and leave skin feeling soft and healthy. Plus, you get a light massage, which is always the perfect end to any treatment.

2. Seaweed Detox Wrap

Feel like starting fresh? This treatment begins with a total body exfoliation, which removes dry surface skin. Then we apply a custom blend of natural seaweed combined with various essential oils is then applied over the entire body and covered with a calming wrap. A warm shower and a light application of body balm complete this indulgent experience.

3. The Body Buzz

Have you started back at the gym this January and are looking to invigorate your body? Then this treatment is for you. The Body Buzz is all the rage in body wraps because it uses the natural benefits of coffee. This wrap improves circulation, reduces fluid buildup and stimulates fat metabolism. A vigorous scrub combines with a unique body mask of sugar, espresso and milk to invigorate the skin. 

Sound too good to be true? Book an appointment and experience the body bliss yourself!