We know that after a hair service appointment, it can be tough to shell out the extra cash for an expensive bottle of shampoo or conditioner that your stylist recommends. However, we advocate taking the best care of your hair and skin as possible, and that means using quality products. The higher price tag doesn’t come without reason, and we’re confident that once you find a product that works, you will see gorgeous results! Here are a few reasons to treat yourself to a good-quality hair regimen:

Moroccan Oil Hair Products

Moroccan Oil Hair Products

A little goes a long way

While spending $15+ on a bottle of shampoo may seem excessive, you will quickly notice that a smaller amount will work harder to clean and nourish your hair. You’ll find that it stays cleaner and shinier for longer periods of time, and you can wash less frequently. Upgrading form the $4 drugstore bottle may sting at first, but you’ll find that your higher end bottle ends up lasting much longer, making it a good value.

Cleanse, don’t strip

Many drugstore brand shampoos have inexpensive detergents and chemicals that strip your hair of natural oils and color. You’ll find that your hair gets oily and limp at the end of every day, and you’ll be back under the faucet scrubbing away to get it clean and voluminous again. Higher quality shampoos have better ingredients that nourish and cleanse your hair, without leaving it unbalanced and dry. Having your stylist recommend a shampoo for your specific needs will definitely benefit your hair in the long run!

Improve overall appearance

Watch the time between your appointments stretch as your hair becomes stronger, more manageable and less susceptible to breakage. Your color will stay bright and shiny and you’ll even find that you have to wash your hair less and less! While regular trims are crucial to maintaining healthy hair growth, quality shampooing certainly plays its part! High quality ingredients will improve your hair’s overall strength and elasticity, and fight spilt ends and frizz!

Not sure which products are worth the splurge? Contact us for a recommendation or a hair service appointment this week!