The Wrap is here! Along with The Flirt and The Swirl Suit (more about those at the bottom of this post). Both can be found at our day spa in West Ashley in the South Windermere shopping center.

Okay ladies. This is the coolest clothing piece I have seen in awhile! And I can’t stop wearing it. The Wrap is the most versatile thing in my closet – it is BETTER than the classic shift dress, and I will show you why! 

The video below is an overview of The Wrap. It’s a skirt. It’s a dress. It’s a shirt. It’s a vest. It REDEFINES what it means for a clothing piece to be able to shift!!

And the best part is that it FITS. EVERY. WOMAN. BEAUTIFULLY. 

 Introducing…The Wrap!!

As you can see, it can be… A short skirt. A knee length skirt.  An ankle skirt. You can choose to make it… High waisted. Somewhere in between waisted. Low waisted. It can have a… Front Belt. A side belt. A back bow tie. It can be a… Tube dress. A portrait dress. A v-neck dress. It can have short sleeves. Flutter sleeves. Capped sleeves. It can be sleeveless. It can have twist straps. Thick straps. Anything in between straps! It can be a… Vest with a long scarf. A vest with an open back. A booty covering vest. A vest with a belt. It can even be a kimono. 


The Lady Flirt

 A dress skirt. A cape. A shawl. A strapless tunic. And you can adjust to any length to make it the perfect fit for YOU!

The Lady Flirt was designed to twirl. It is cozy, rich and elegant, perfect as a stand alone or pairing piece. The super stretch of the Lady Flirt provides perfect shaping for every body type and amazing comfort for everyone. 

The Swirl Suit

It’s a pantsuit. But not just any pantsuit. It is strapless with a shifting bodice waist so you can wear it alone or under a tank, giving you an extra layer at your waist. Throw a belt on it and it will look like a top and wide legged, cozy, flowy, yoga pants. 

 So come check it out, try it on, and leave more beautiful than when you came! Visit us at our West Ashley spa today!

Yours Truly,

A day spa addict