New York Fashion Week is underway for Spring 2015 and there is a lot of buzz happening around not only the clothes, but the hair. Some inspirations include heavy metal and punk, but we tend to like the softer touch that has everyday appeal. Here are three big trends from the runway that you can incorporate into your hairstyling repertoire. 

Braids are Back

Braids have been big for awhile now, but thanks to Pinterest, we’re learning more and more creative ways to incorporate them into your ‘do. Here are some of our favorites:

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This next one should be no surprise, as America has been totally captivated by the buns lately. But we’re talking about the ones on your head! Whether they’re on top or at the nape of your neck, buns can be surprisingly chic:

54bc27f196cdc_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-braids-altuzarra-bks-i-rs15-0143-lg 54bc27f1f2422_-_hbz-runway-hair-trends-braids-carolina-herrera-454956918

Ponytails with Detail

Lastly, we’re loving the long, slick and straight pony, especially when they have a bit of a twist. A few bobby pins can amp up the modernity of the style (and perhaps even some extensions):

54bc27ecd298c_-_air-trends-loose-long-waves-rag-and-bone-bks-a-rs15-8431-lg 54bc27eb11d39_-_ay-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-j-mendel-bks-m-rs15-1264-lg 54bc27e99bfc3_-_-trends-loose-long-waves-cushnie-et-ochs-bks-i-rs15-8403-lgAll images via Harper’s Bazaar


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