A quick trip to the salon could be just what you need for a refreshing change of scenery! As summer starts to wind down and thoughts of back to school shopping, Labor Day weekend, and pre-season football swim in our heads, you can’t help but wonder if it’s time for a look change! We’ll still have plenty warm weather ahead of us in South Carolina, but we’re sure you’ve noticed that store windows and beauty products are focusing on fall fashions. If you aren’t quite ready to make the switch from your beach vacation outfit to a cozy sweater, there is still plenty you can do to ease the transition of your hairstyle from summer to fall.

Assess the damageurban trim ends

Swimming pools, sun damage, and heat-beating ponytails are all practically unavoidable sources of damage for your hair in the summertime. Having an action packed summer can unfortunately take its toll on your hair! Not to worry though, a good haircut is all you need to knock off those dry ends! If your hair is especially damaged, or you just want to get a great start to the new season, we recommend a deep conditioning or keratin treatment to repair and restore your hair to its optimal state!

Spruce up color

Your hair color faces a lot of challenges in the summertime, primarily fading from sun and chlorine. If you’re lucky enough to get natural highlights from spending time in the sun, you can prolong your sun kissed look into the pre-fall months with a balayage hair color technique. Your stylist will paint a lighter, complimentary color throughout the ends of your hair to make highlights pop. This is a great way to make that sunny summer color last, without pesky root maintenance!

Sdowntown salonwitch up products

The change in seasons will inevitably lead to a change in your everyday look. Returning from vacation, or going back to school may have you wanting to trade in breezy beach waves for a more polished blowout look. If you know you’ll be picking up the heat styling products more in the coming months, scoop up a few heat-protecting products! Invest in a nourishing shampoo for your newly color treated hair. Do your hair brushes have broken bristles from summer suitcase stuffing? Why not pick up a few of those as well.



How do you prep yourself for a seasonal look change? These transitional months are the perfect time to make a change! Going back to school? Ask your local Urban Nirvana hair salon about student discounts. Some locations are offering special promotions for the month of August!